Pet Grooming Services: A La Carte

If you need additional services for your pet, we have an A La Carte Services selection sure to suit your needs. You can add any of the following services on to any bath or grooming package or have the individual service performed.

  • Face Trim ($7.00 / $10.00) not Ears
  • Nail Trim (Small $5.00/ Medium $7.00/ Large $10)
  • Teeth Cleaning $5.00
  • Anal Gland Expression $10.00
  • Sanitary Area Belly $5.00
  • Rear $2.00
  • Ear Cleaning $5.00 (Severe $10.00)
  • Nail Painting $10.00
  • Shave Toes $15.00
  • Pawdicure $8.99

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