Dog Training

Dog training classes by Uptown Pet Salons provide education for pet owners, giving them the tool necessary to create a good home environment for their pets. We believe that training is critical to our goal of decreasing the number of pets turned in to animal shelters because of behavior problems.

While there are a great deal of online dog training tips and lessons on “how to train your dog”, true obedience training is done with the help of trained professionals.

Our training clinics are led by a AKC and Animal Behavioral College Certified Dog Trainer


These sessions include training your pet in the following:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Leash Training
  • Socialization issues with other dogs
  • Distractions
  • Chewing problems
  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Issues with food and feeding


Canine Good Citizen Classes
The American Kennel Club created these classes for your dog to learn good behaviors outside the house. When you have completed the classes there will be a test on week 6. When your dog passes you will be able to send the paperwork to the kennel club and receive a certificate. For those of you with Bully breeds, there are home owner associations and insurance companies who require that your dog has this certificate.
Puppy Star Classes-
The American Kennel Club created these classes for
  • Socialization
  • Training
  • Activity
  • Responsibility
Puppies up to a year old can take these classes. If we find that your puppy is more prepared for the Canine Good Citizen then we will train in this certification while the other puppies continue with the Star Classes. It is better to learn from a professional when you have your first puppy than be trial and error, as this can cause mixed signals to the puppy. Then there is frustration and anger and upset with that wonderful fluffy puppy you bought home.
Dog Behavior Class-  TBD
This is a classroom environment for dog owners only. The class is designed to give you the tools and techniques to eliminate or prevent unwanted dog behavior. We will cover, anxiety, barking, jumping, soiling in the house and other behavior issues. Sometimes you do not need a professional trainer to come to your house because there are just a couple of issues. Then come to our class and get the info you need to have a healthy, balanced, happy dog.
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